Nick Kuskin lives in Brussels, and is from New York City.  His approach to photography is with a reminder that imagery is information, carried on light.
Nick's done commercial, and editorial work for major newspapers and publications, and documentary projects, as artwork, and for himself, including - Place du Jue de Balle, the daily Arabic flea market in Brussels. The 2018 continuation of the Detroit Music Weekend, promoting Detroit's music legacy, and its attempted civic rebirth.  Also, Rodeo in Montana, and The Harlem Fantasy (transvestite) Ball, '82, Harlem, NYC.
Clients have included: The New York Times Magazine, Art In America Magazine, The American Ballet Theater, Casa Promesa, HBO, Kikkerland Design, Lancôme Cosmetics, Le Vif/L'Express, Saks Fifth Avenue, and others. Nick has also Produced video for The Maurice Sendak Fellowship, among other film and video credits.  He's exhibited work in the US and Europe.

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