Nick Kuskin is a New York photographer currently based in Brussels, BE.  His approach to photography originates from the  experience of the B&W darkroom, that an image is information carried by light, and that silver is the most efficient energy transmitter. He learned in school, from talented mentors in big NYC studios, and by doing commercial, editorial, and fine art photography for more than thirty years.
Mindful of the expression 'truth is stranger than fiction' NK's personal work attempts to distinguish energetic beauty from over, or under glamorized reality.   
In 2018 NK continues documenting the annual Detroit Music Weekend, a public festival promoting Detroit's music legacy, and  it's role in support of the city's attempted rebirth.
NK's clients include The New York Times Magazine, Art In America Magazine, The American Ballet Theater, Casa Promesa, HBO, Kikkerland Design, Lancôme Cosmetics, Le Vif/L'Express, Saks Fifth Avenue, and others. He is the Producer and Editor of video for The Maurice Sendak Fellowship.  
NK has exhibited in the US and Europe, including the ICA, London, and most recently the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels in April 2018.

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